Live Futures Trading and Market Commentary

With Sha

There's always a learning curve, where you've got to learn what your subject is all about". Brad Gilbert

Why You Want To Trade with us?

We call out in real time high probability trade setups with an edge using our charts framework alignment

Our Trading Community and Learning Awaits You. Each morning we approach the market with a trader mindset. Doing our homework in Pre Market by reviewing:

  • How the Asian and European markets traded overnight aka (GLOBEX) session.
  • Upcoming economic events for the day and what we should be concerned with?
  • If we in the earning season you must be aware of earning release before the market open.
  • We profile the Future Indices to determine relative strength who is the weakest and strongest also looking at the market correlations.

Cash Session Open

After the market open will pull it all together in real time looking for trade setups with an edge and high probability using technical analysis with Market Internals to determine Market Structure.

We review the trade setups making sure you understand why we are taking the trades weather you a pro or a new trader starting your trading journey.

Market Structure - What Type of Market We In:

  • Bullish Trend
  • Bearish Trend
  • Sideways Trend

Trading Strategy

Our strategy is trend following using our swing trend framework alignment with technical analysis, price action correlation to enter and exit the trades.

Look at key time of day periods to trade.

Our strategy also allow us to use momentum when it's in your favor in this volatile market.

Avoid low volume and chop market periods

Avoid counter trading - Unless price pattern broken, with reversal signals and or market bias shifted

Room Program Features:

  • Live Screen Share
  • 8:30 am Trading Room open for Pre Market Analysis - We will trade during this period if we get trade setups with high probability and an edge.
  • 9:30 are to 11:30 Live Trading - We look for trade setups with high probability and an edge with risk management (Entry - Stop - Targets )
  • 1:00 pm to 2:00pm live Trading if needed
  • Trade entry and exit review
  • Review trades that did not worked and why
  • Market analysis and commentary
  • Platform and Chart setup

Futures Assets We Trade: E-Mini or Micro E-Mini

DOW E-Mini (YM)
Micro E-Mini (MYM)
Micro E-Mini (MNQ)
S&P 500 E-Mini (ES)
Micro E-Mini (MES)
Micro E-Mini (M2K)

Will Trade Crude -Sometimes

Crude E-Mini (CL)
Gold E-Mini (GC)
Gold Micro (MGC)

Our goals:

  • Is for you to grow and learn everyday
  • To help make you a consistent trader
  • How to manage your emotions
  • How to manage your risk

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