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Who is Shaheed aka Sha?

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure". Colin Powell

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Sha worked in the technology space in the early part of his career, managing different infrastructure departments. In his leadership role, Sha's core principle as a leader focused on mentoring and training his team.

Sha started trading as a retail trader during the dot.com era and ultimately found his passion for the stock market doing Fundamental Analysis trading stocks. Like most things, nothing comes easy; over the years, he's taken many trading classes and continued studying the technical side of the market with a big picture analysis outlook and trader psychology.

In 2010, he started trading Futures and Options full time and found his niche in Technical and Market internals analysis, which focuses on trading the futures market intraday. Sha's trading strategy is trend trading using momentum and price action combine with a time of day profiling, market internals, and correlation. He configured and created a dashboard set-up to suit the intraday and swing trading style.

Above all else, Sha is a people person and loves to teach others. Over the years he has taught his family, friends, and a small network. Finally, he has decided to broaden his circle to train others in a live trading chat room community. So, join us so we can learn together.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I have personally known Sha for over 5 years now and I must say, his grasp of various indicator setups is truly remarkable. He utilizes all his knowledge and expertise to assist traders in improving their skill sets. I highly recommend the DayTraderWorld room as Sha not only teaches you how to become a better trader but also shows you how to minimize your risks.

Barry Choksi

As Massage Therapist I recently lost my job due to the Coronavirus. Sha have been a friend for over 10 Years. I now had to get serious about trading futures for income. Sha has taught me how to navigate These volatile markets by utilizing market internals, Time of day trading, indicators setup, and price action to keep me safe while entering trades. I highly recommend his trading room for a plethora of education and trading opportunities. I so glad he decided to open his trading room to the public. Keep spreading that knowledge Sha...

Luis Gomez

Sha halim is a very good chartist & a good trader. I would follow his setups mostly with futures trading & indexes. He is very good at using market internals in predicting market moves.


Sha Pre-Market analysis is on point. He review the Globex Session including any upcoming market moving events getting you ready for the cash open session and Open Range setup.

len. H

If you new to trading futures you must take Daytradeworld Futures Foundation 101 class. This is a detail class that was able to get me off to the right footing in understand what futures is all about. I try other vendor classes but did they split the same information into three separate classes. Now I am paper trading and ready to trade live with Sha.

Joe T