About Us

Who is Sampath?

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure". Colin Powell


Sampath has worked in the information technology space for the last 25 years in various positions as a consultant, manager & systems architect. He has been trading for the last 15 years using fundamental & technical analysis techniques. His expertise has long been sought by his friends and family.

However, his primary mentor has been Carolyn Boroden, also known as the “Fibonacci Queen.” Through her mentorship, he has built the cornerstone of his trading expertise -- Fibonacci Price & Time Analysis. Using this tool, Sampath makes and posts charts on Twitter that identify key supports or resistance in the market and overall market trends. His other tools include powerful e-signal tools such as Dashboard, Elliot Wave Theory, and other Advanced Get tools for identifying high probability setups.

Sampath is excited to lend his knowledge and 15-year experience in trading to in-depth Fibonacci Time & Price analysis for making charts ranging from a 5 minute time period to weekly charts to identify high probability setups with defined risks in a Live Trading room setup.